High Quality Spy Keychain Camera

Spy Keychain Camera

Exclusive key chain Spy Camera with hidden video camera and ideal masking. This key chain Camera has associate degree facultative VGA / HG resolution and vibration signalization.

Key chain Spy Camera, compared with different HD video cameras incorporates a utterly a masked USB port, moreover slot for microSD cards. This makes the key chain Spy Camera fully invisible.

The key chain video recorder is very rugged and is that the smallest high grade covert video camera on the market today! The device is power-driven by a intrinsically reversible battery which will last one and a half hours thus there’s no need to worry concerning running out of recording time. The key chain video recorder comes with the HD key chain DVR, a car key and hoop, a four GB small SD card with SD card adapter, associate degree AC device with USB convertor for charging, a power convertor, and a USB cable.


Precise masking

All the features of this device from the micro SD card to the USB port are perfectly masked. The masking of this device is further enhanced by the concealed signal diodes, which thanks to their positioning are visible only to the user of the device. This makes the Key Chain Spy Camera are a perfectly inconspicuous device.

Intuitive control

When an uncomfortable situation arises (such as a police officer, or clerk asking for a bribe, or someone breaking your rights, etc.), you have no time to look for a voice recorder and turn it on. You need a device that raises no suspicion and can be turned on immediately. Thanks to its intuitive control, followed by signal vibration you will know immediately if the device started recording, without needing to examine it in any way.

BMW Spy Keychain Camera

This BMW Spy Keychain Camera has a covert camera with a regular car key remote case. S818 can capture pictures and record videos secretly. Besides, it has motion detection function and web camera function.


* Spy camera car key supports Max 8GB TF card and provides facilities to takes photo or videos.

* Color video with voice. Real time recording in AVI video format. It Can be used as USB memory

* stick or card reader. Simple operation, elegant design, small size, it is easy to carry.

* USB interface and memory card slot (up to 32 GB TF card, not included) are perfectly hidden

* An essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, etc.



  • image sensor :  1/4 COMS
  • Pixels :  30W
  • End coding :  MPEG-4
  • Video Resolution :  640×480 / 1280×960
  • Frame Rate :  30Ftp
  • Video Format       :  AVI
  • Battery Inside :  320mah
  • Work time :  2 hours
  • Charge Time :  3 hours
  • Operation Voltage : 7v
  • Charging Voltage :  2-5v
  • Working Circuit : 110ma
  • Operating Temp :  50 C
  • Size : 120x90x42mm

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