Infrared Spy Camera Watch


Now it’s time to keep an eye on your belongings as well as on your surroundings using the simple equipment and without putting too much pressure on your bank account.

In today’s world almost every aspect of modern life has been improved through convenience provided by technology. The invention of spy camera is one of the wonders of modern technology, which is used at homes as well as in offices.

The IR camera watch is pretty practical for the users from business, education, editor etc. With high resolution pinhole lens, night vision function and waterproof construction, this stylish design make the new dvr watch an excellent choice for all your needs this attractive dvr watch works and looks just like a high-class wrist watch, but hidden within is an hd pinhole camera. This makes it easy to take high quality undercover videos without worry that anyone will ever know.

You can use at night too.

The hd 1080 ir night vision dvr watch is your choice to use it at night. Place it on your nightstand, bookshelf or wear it. It can record videos at high definition of 1080p which can be playback in various hdtv’s and monitors. Infrared lights will let you record the happenings, even in complete darkness.



With the Spy Watch you can:

  • Launch your own private investigation
  • Catch thieves and shoplifters in the act
  • Protect yourself from “he said-she said” situations with video proof
  • Record footage at night or underwater


Waterproof Technique

It is the first FULL HD IR Night Vision Watch Camera with waterproof in the world.

The design of this Water proof Watch, is used some waterproof standard for waterproof 30 meters work arts. But because of the special construction of this IR watch, this watch cannot use underwater 30 meters. Normally, you can use it underwater within 3 meters.




Take Photos and Video, take Audio and used as Web Camera. The images from the spy camera can be transferred onto a PC or laptop which allows the viewer to pause and rewind as and when the need arises.

Crisp HD Video and Audio Recording

With AVI format video resolution up 1920 x 1080 at 30fps, you will have the highest quality and the crispest details for all video that you are recording, perfectly synched with audio.


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