Table mate is one of the foremost useful furnishings which could be utilised in our method of life. When we have a tendency to tend to contemplate the term furnishings, the very recent vogue and ways that in which of structuring involves our mind. Table mate differs from all of these in many matters. Many activities square measure attainable exploitation table mate two as a result of of its flexibility. The flexibility is achieved by providing adjustment space from high to bottom of the article. You can alter its height throughout a matter of seconds, by adjusting screws. If you fall short of space to remain table mate 2 in your home, you can place it to a lower place any of the seat or furnishing you utilize.

tablemate-ii-from-telebuy-choose-from-exciting-colors-a19912-700x700 (1)

Uses       of   tablemate:

It is a finest quality multipurpose table furnishings for your home that may be used for uptake, using as a laptop computer stand, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, arts and craft, board games, as an outside receptacle table, trade shows, gardening, patio receptacle table, serving tray table etc. Table mate is an advantageous advent that  will be used for each indoor and outside activities.
It is an final adjustable and transportable folding table that sides right up to your body and supply optimum support for doing all of your work.




  • It matches your table mate perfectly and willslide right under that.


  • No one ever said that occasional seating had to be boring.



blue and pretty pink is sensible and  classy too.

  • Thesleek,modern styleand durablesteelframe make snug guests and guests, so the place doesn’t even wantany decorations, the     chairs        add   color to          your room!.
  • The slim folding design lets it hide away oncenot in use.
  • It is equally practical for home or workplace
  • The Tablemate folding       chair          in good blue and engaging pink may be a must-have. Maximum weight load 90kg.
  • You can additionallyuse  it       for fast outside
  • It is made of prime quality, durable industrial plastic seat and back with gentle  steel          powder     coating
  • Itslightweightand transportablethereforeyou will place it within the back seat of your automobile and it’sgood for your day trip on the beach or maybe picnics!!!
    table that simultaneously adjusts in height and angle and folds utterly for convenient storage and movableness.tablemate-ii-from-telebuy-choose-from-exciting-colors-a19913-700x700


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