In previous day is not easy to get six-pack or fit on our body. Doing so many things we must do like sit ups, Barbell squat, pull-ups, pushups, jacking, etc. The continues regular workout only it’s possible if you stopped that your body get sap out.


So now Telebuy introduce the new equipment in cheap price. It will easy to get six-pack within couple of weeks. That is Abtronic X2 Belt.


                   Abtronic X2 Belt

You’ll feel the Abtronic X2 toning your abs right away and see dramatic results when simply many workouts!


The secret is Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS, which is a scientifically well-tried technique that truly generates ‘active muscle contractions’. This means it will the ab work for you. EMS was originally developed for physiotherapists to help rehabilitate patients with muscle injuries. Now, it’s been applied to the fitness industry to induce you the abs you have forever unreal of. With nearly 5 million of the original Systems oversubscribed in eighty seven countries, now the Abtronic engineers have pushed the technology even any with the next generation machine- the Abtronic X2.


Salient features


  • Dual Technology Smart Microprocessor delivers 8 workouts at 10 different intensity levels thereby providing a total of 80 different workouts.
    • Only abdominal exercise belt that targets two separate muscle groups at the same time.
    • This abdominal exercise device deploys scientifically proven EMS technology. Stimulation captured by thermographic imaging reveals that Abtronic X2 generates superior muscle stimulation.
    • The recommended usage of this ab machine is just 10 minutes a day.



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