Power fit is Vibration Gym that has proven weight loss results from the Power Fit at 2 months Challenge. You need a Gym and probably over an hours to get same workout and you can reach the same muscles that you can do at home on the POWER FIT.

It works across the entire body and it having 1-99 Speed functions,Setting 99 provides 1.90 G Forces from a 2cm movements.The great weight loss results have been seen in target areas such as the tummy and butt.

There are 3 x pre-set functions that is used to run through with 3 different standing positons to increase/decrease workout intensity.


Exercise nutrition tips

Muscle-building protein is the best ingredient when it comes to resistance training, but unless you’re a bodybuilder you only need moderate amounts in your diet. Your energy should still come from carbohydrates, so include high-quality proteins, adequate carbohydrates plus a dose of heart-healthy fats in your diet.

  • This compact machine reduce weight quickly or within 8 weeks
  • It is one of the best home tips to reduce our weight

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