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Ceramicore  Pan 26CM Pan with Lid – Solo:

This product is 100% non-stick ceramic frying pan. It will not stick or burn. It is easy to cleaning and dishwasher safe. Can be used on gas, Electric, ceramic and induction stove.

Features of ceramic pan:

  • Oil free cooking panel
  • It is strong Aluminium panel
  • Suitable for the following hob types: electric, halogen, gas, ceramic, induction and solid hotplate.


Designed for healthy cooking the CeramiCore 2 piece pan set has polished white non-stick ceramic surface that allows for cooking without oil and fats and distributes heat evenly throughout the pan. The ceramic feature guarantees increased resistance against scratching and abrasion as well as quick and easy cleaning.


  1. oil free cooking so we can easily reduce our cholesterol
  2. It observe more heat at less time so it save our electricity,gas.
  3. Easy to wash our ceramicore panel

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