Back pain Remedy -Diwali offer

Who is most at Risk?

Back Pain is the common disorder among 80% of Indian workers. Even though back pain is curable which affect any age peoples but, Significant among aged between 22 to 55 years. People working with computers, being stressed, being overweight and physical workers.

Human back is composed of structure of muscles, bones and ligaments. The section of our spine are cushioned with cartilage like pads which leads in occurring of back pain due to lifting heavy things, strained ligaments and abnormal Curvature of the spine.


Causes of Back Pain

Most of the people who do work like bending for long time, driving continuously without any break, over using the muscle and mostly due to sleep disorder. Sometime Back pain causes due to no reason.


Maintain Good Posture

Experts say that back pain is associated with the way how our bones and muscle align each other. Back pain is caused due to imperfect sitting position and bending our back towards table which is not adjustable to our desired position. Experts raise their solution towards sitting on portable table and engaging their work. Workers while using laptop, the laptop table which must properly designed to their preferred desires. Reduce your back pain using super effective back massager which reduces your back stress permanently. On usingserving table while having meals at your pleasant homes which results in bring down your back pain. Experts give advice on usingadjustable table while reading books which leads your bones and muscle to align together results in preventing your back pain.



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