Ready to change your physique

Are you one of the people who wish to work out at your comfort place rather than spending more time on big gym? Have you tried working out at gym which have not given best result? You may think to spend more money on expensive gym membership. Here you can build your body with basic workout accessories.


Workout Programs

Workout the basic exercise with perfect form. If you are not sure about the formation of the basic exercise our guidance check out given by body builder experts.

  1. Push-ups

Place your hands on ground wider which gives comfortable portion and spread your shoulder wider. Lower your chest towards floor slightly touching on it. Tense your abs lower and raise your body equally without giving force on your palm. Try to carry out the repetition as many times you are capable to work out.

  1. Crunches

Lie on a carpet surface which gives you comfortness to your back and shoulder. Raise your shoulder towards your knee flat on the surface. Cross your arms towards your chest and raise directly to your knee without lifting your entire back. Inhale and Exhale the movement without causing strain to your back. This strengthen your midsection of your stomach.


  1. Triceps Immerse

Use your ownbody weight sitting at the edge of the chair placing your legs at straight line motion. Bent down with your body along 90 degree towards down. Raise your body upwards which gives pressure on your triceps. Try this workout for two sets of 10 counting.

Now, you have all your workouts which gives you better result in developing your body to a perfection size.



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