No No Oil dosa tawa- Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Many have trouble in making perfect dosa which includes practice especially beginner’s find difficulty in making dosa. Making dosa is very easy once you get practiced. There are two types of pans namely non stick tawa coating  and cast iron. These two differs where non stick tawa is manufactured with Teflon influences which reduce the ability of the surface of other material to stick to it. Cast iron is a flat or concave or convex disc shaped made up of metal or steel or aluminum. I have given few tips to follow for preventing sticking of dosa to the

  • Once you buy a newnon stick pan slightly heat it and sprinkle salt on the pan fry until it gets golden brown color. Once it gets cool clean the tawa with cloth and apply few drops of cooking oil on it.
  • Heat the non stick cookware with medium flame sprinkle some water and evaporate the water and pour 2-3 drops of oil and rub the coating with half onion before spreading dosa to prevent sticking of dosa in it.


  • Bring thenon stick frying pan to room temperature before making dosa.
  • The temperature of non stick tawa should not be too higher or too low.
  • Once preparation of dosa is done, never wash the tawa with cold water till it gets cool further clean it with soft cloth.

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