Hair Color Shampoo

Make sure your hair is clean

Wash your hair a day before applying hair dye to ensure the hair is clean and does not contain any dirt which could stick on the dirt on your hair. Make sure your hair is dried completely before applying dye.


Prepare the Color

It is safe to take a tiny plastic bowl and coloring brush and pour the henna hair dye agent into the bowl. Mix it with hydrogen thoroughly and make sure you get homogeneous mixture which is enough to color your hair.

Protect your Skin

Make sure you don’t color your hands too it is much safer to wear gloves while coloring your hair. Apply some moisturizing cream on your forehead and ears to protect it from being colored. It is safer to take surgical disposable gloves for user friendly comfort.

Color your hair on Foreheadkami-black-hair-dye-shampoo-a19743-700x700

First color the hair on your head before sectioning the hair. Divide your ear in the middle and color one inch on each side by using comb which could give you a better result in coloring. Repeat the process until you reach one end of your hair.

Wash your Hair     kami-black-hair-dye-shampoo-a19744-700x700

Wash your hair completely with excess water and apply protection conditioner and shampoo to provide extra care. Dry your hair with sufficient heat and avoid styling before completely dried.


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