Indian Traditional Wedding Hairstyle

Indian Traditional Wedding Hairstyle

Indian Bridal Ceremony is extortionate, gorgeous and fun filled moments. Indian Wedding is a bright and spectacular of two loving hearts bring their souls together. Even it is believed that couple who vows marriage is to stay together for next seven lives. Traditional Indian hairstyle holds a pride of place in bridal beauty collection. Indian traditional hairstyle are not much accountable of the budget either they provide gorgeous braid hairstyle. Our experts have suggested some sassy hairstyle which could bring bridal look.


 South Indian bridal hairstyle are treated adorn heavily with embroidered silk or kanjeevaram silk accompanied with studded gold jewellery pieces. The long braid is decorated with flower through length of the hairstyle.


You can add wreath of flowers at the crown or delicate jewels at the gap to make it a perfect bridal traditional hairstyle.

  1. Maharashtrian style

The Maharashtrian wedding hair style is typical of full bun with more decorated Gold pin which is inserted into tuft of hair. Then the gorgeous garland of mogra flowers called as “gajra” is arranged loosely around the bun. Even hair color can be made to bring beautiful texture of your hair. Nathni added with hair style and navari saree will get you traditional mood.

  1. Bengali style

Bengali wedding are traditional with beautiful red and white affair. The stunning saree with large red bindis and deck up eye give you gorgeous look. Try graceful curly hair or high bun and decorate with delicious flowers like hibiscus.

  1. Punjabi style

Punjabi wedding hairstyle mainly focused in maang tikka. Choose a beautiful ornament and place in on your crown.Even you can try free style, wear maang tikka and leave your hair open at one shoulder.

4.Fusion style

 Fusion style is mainly based on interest related where braid likes to make mix with modern and traditional for unique style. Choose for a braided bun or low chignon draped across one side of the shoulder added with gorgeous earnings. You can make prom hairstyle added with delicious flowers. Traditional style saree or a lehenga mixed up will bring glory fun fashionic style.


5.Indian Classic Bun style

 A bun with stunning flowers will bring gorgeous look. A pretty bun style added with traditional saree is the ever made ultimate hair style. Even black hair and silky hair provides grace to your appearance.

6.Back Comb with Back Trial

 This hair style is ultimate unique style were it create bump at front portion of your hair with curly twist created at the back. Thick and hair extension is also an added advantage for gorgeous look.

7.Bee hive hairstyle

 Bee hive hairstyle is another unique type were bee hives are made at top of the hair. Contemporary hair style added with matching jewellery gives you stunning look. Stone studded jewelry can also be added at back of your hair.

8.Indian messy bun bride hairstyle

 You can make hair bun look messy by tiding your hair at top of your hair. Create some curly look which gives messy appearance of your bun. Use variety of hair pins added with delicate flowers to make messy looking bun.

9.Retro style

 Retro style consists of making bun included with variety of ornaments placed at the back of your hair. Gorgeous flowers can be added with the bun matching the traditional saree. This brings pretty look.



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