Multipurpose Ladder

Multipurpose Ladder

A Ladder is a vertical or inclined set of steps. Ladders are built from any one of the three materials; fiberglass, wood and metal. Basically ladder consists of three significant types such as; Step ladders, Extension ladders and Platform ladders. These are widely used in construction purpose to elevate from initial feet to three story feet. Scaffolding and painting support is the major application using ladder. It also can be used for home based purpose which includes in hanging of artworks and roof maintenance. Here we have included some application of each ladder types.

  1. Hanging of Artworks

 Step Ladder is well suited for self supportable purposes. A step ladder is generally used in all sorts of purposes. You can use them in any sudden situation without any definite support. It doesn’t require any support in hanging artworks and storing books in shelf.


This allows you and your friend to climb up to the position exactly at same instant.

  1. Painting Walls

 Step Ladders make painting much easier than normal way of painting the walls. Using step ladder, individual can also paint their house walls without any support. This consumes less time when compared with normal way of painting.


  1. Attic Stairs

 Attic stairs or loft ladder provides permanent or temporary access to the loft space which can be used as storage area. These can be fixed permanently so they can be used when needed.


Loft ladder is accessible to ceiling height. It doesn’t contain any additional floor space to be installed.

  1. Cleaning Purposes

 Telescopic ladder are basically used for cleaning windows which are at top of the building. It is also used in commercial purposes like TV aerial receivers, security alarm fittings and roofing. The main feature in telescopic ladder is that the ladder is extendable to its maximum to reach such height.


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