8 Easy ways to mop a Floor

8 Easy ways to mop a Floor

Cleaning the Dirt floor is the most common problem among women’s who feel mopping a floor is tedious process. It takes all the day to clean the floor, scrubbing floor which is never clean enough. The necessity of cleaning the floor has frustrated many homeowners and builders. The appearance of the floor considers the cleanliness of the house as well as maintaining it. Here we have suggested easy steps to clean the floor effectively.

  1. Clear the Area

 Before cleaning, remove all the tables, chairs, carpets and obstacles on the floor. If you are about to clean those things make sure to clean those furniture before cleaning the floor so that the debris fall on the floor. Avoid anyone like children and guest to walk over the floor.

  1. Sweep the Floor

 It is unnecessary to sweep the floor before mopping. This leads to create scratches on the floor if the dust, crumbs and solid debris are not cleaned. If you mop unswept floor leads to form scrape on the floor.


  1. Place the bucket with sufficient warm water

 Leave enough water into the bucket which certainly fit to a mop to cover tit entirely. It is workable to use ordinary dish washing detergent into the water or on the mop. Usage of more cleaner will result to form residues.


  1. Dip the mob into bucket containing cleaning solution

 Make sure that spin mop absorbs enough cleaner solution to soak completely which is dried-out. Sometimes a rigid mop could take time to absorb the cleaner thoroughly.


  1. Wring the excess cleaner out of the mop

 Squeeze the excess water to get wet mop for dried dirty floors. However the mop gets dried at first. Use spin and go technique to wipe the sludge thoroughly and let it to dry.


  1. Start from one corner

 Move the mop over the dirt area with some pressure to pick up the dirt completely.

Once the mop looks dirty dip it into the cleaning solution to make the mop much wet for better result.

  1. For dried out dirt, Clean the area twice

 Leave the mop much wet to damp on the dirt area completely for a while. The excess time gives the cleaning solution to get dissolved into the soil. Clean the stubborn dirt with sufficient pressure and continue this process across whole floor.

  1. Avoid stepping on the cleaned floor

 Any dust at bottom of your shoe may get sticky on the floor if you step on the floor that is wet which become mud. Run the mop back over the mud to clean up the floor. Let the floor to dry completely and hang the mop up to drain thoroughly.

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