Airport Baggage Handling

Had you ever imagined how the baggage handling system at an airport works?

Here is the explanation on how the airport baggage has been handled in safety manner. A baggage handling system at an airport plays vital role in keeping the passengers happy and it also provides in making a huge difference in an airport to attract the ability to serve as central point. Their major function is involved in making sure that the luggage gets to the right location in the airport. A baggage handling system consists of much process such as: Check-in, Conveyors, DCVs, Loading the Plane, Making transfers and Baggage claim.

A baggage handling system is like road system in a city where the conveyors are like local roads, DCV tracks are like highway and cars are like bag. Baggage starts and ends on conveyors. The various processes carried in a baggage handling system as follows:

  1. Check – in

 Once you check in, the agent pulls up your tag itinerary on the computer to print out one or two tags which is to be attached to each of your suitcase. A tag contains 10 digits bar code which has all the information about the destination and flight information. Thus, the bar code is unique to your duffle bag which is used in computers to look up your itinerary.

  1. Conveyors

 The conveyer is the main terminal in the airport which consists of huge network.


Once your travel bag have been scanned, the baggage handling system tracks its movement to know the exact place of your baggage on the conveyor system. When the bag reaches the junction, an indicator machine named as pusher, let to pass on or push it off on another bag.

  1. DCV’s

 The Destination coded vehicle tends to move your bag quickly off ramp where the distance from main terminal to passenger terminal is quite long.

  1. Loading the Plane

 Once the bags reaches off-ramp, it lets to make the way towards sorting station where the baggage handlers load the bags on a special container to get the baggage claim. The bags are monitored at sorting station.

  1. Making Transfers

This system is generally used when the passengers get off the plane fast than the bags reach the baggage claim area.

  1. Baggage Claim

 The bags which are come from plane are pulled to claiming area, which are already sorted.


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